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Classic Soaps

All our soaps are handcrafted using the traditional cold process method where the carefully selected oils are maintained at a low temperature  to preserve their amazing properties. Only the finest botanicals and clays are used to either colour or add healing properties to the soap. All essential oils used in this range of soaps are therapeutic grade and carefully selected for the benefits they claim to deliver. No real soap can be made without sodium hydroxide or lye and our soaps are no exception. During  soap making sodium hydroxide goes through the process of saponification to produce soap and glycerine. We then allow the soap to harden for eight to ten weeks. As such no sodium hydroxide remains in the soap but we end up with a mild and very moisturising soap due to the presence of all the glycerine. Glycerine is humectant , meaning it draws moisture to the skin and is a popular ingredient in cosmetics. Due to this demand for glycerine most commercial soaps extract the glycerine and sell it for more profit. For Earthical you matter before profit.