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My name is Zabeena, and I created Earthical because I wanted a more natural way to care for my family and friends.

I was born in the beautiful islands of Fiji, where I spent my childhood climbing trees, digging in the dirt and running barefoot through the bushes. I loved my natural playground but had to leave it behind as I grew up, migrated to New Zealand and had a family.

As a new mother, I was so obsessed with keeping my house germ-free that my sister nicknamed me Spray & Wipe. I started to realise that all the chemical cleaners I was using were destroying the helpful microorganisms in my environment and that my house was sterile. This was not the natural lifestyle that I had loved so much as a child.

I began to research my household cleaners and learned about the toxic chemicals they contain that can cause irritation and disrupt our endocrine system. I watched the TED Talks video by Tyrone Hayes and Penelope Jagessar Chaffer: The Toxic Baby, which was a huge eye-opener. As a result, I began creating my own cleaning products - dishwasher powder, dishwashing soap, laundry powder, spray and wipe, even my own toothpowder. I stopped using store-bought cleaners completely.

All my research and experimentation made me realise that I could create the kind of natural bath and body products I wanted to use, but couldn’t find in the shops. When my nephew had bad eczema, I created a balm containing Dilo oils that cleared his rash completely. My sister was allergic to liquid body wash, so I made her a soap that didn’t irritate. When a friend’s son had a bad biking accident, I used my knowledge of healing botanicals to create Dilo Rescue Balm.

This is how Earthical was born.

The products I offer today have been researched and developed over several years, tested on friends and family, and refined until I am completely happy with them. All the ingredients are ethically sourced; the shea butter I use comes from a rural women’s collective in Ghana. All the skincare products are 100% organic. I refuse to use any ingredients that might contain pesticide residues. Every product is cruelty-free, and most of them are vegan.

I am extremely proud of my high-quality, all-natural products and excited to share them with you!

You can see The Toxic Baby TEDtalks video here.